We are an international hackathon hosted by and held at Yale, bringing together 1500 hackers and creatives from all over the world.

YHack is a festival of innovation, an arena of tech warriors, and a stage to present your big idea. Jam packed into 36 hours is a rainbow of events (talks, food, rap battles) that go on through the night while caffeinated teams hack on a Python app or program arduino-driven pumpkins to battle over Twitch.




  • You must be a current college student to participate. 
  • Teams can be no larger than 4.
  • You must have been accepted into YHack and demo in person at the event in order to be eligible for prizes. 



Submissions must be in by 8:30 am on Sunday. All submissions must be published on Devpost. 

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$39,530 in prizes

1st Place - $3000

2nd Place - $2000

3rd Place - $1000

Best Use of Esri Technology - $1000

Granted to the team that has the best use of the Esri APIs.

Corsair API Prize - Corsair Gear (3)

Best use of Corsair Gaming SDKs

Alteryx - Most Interesting or Creative Use of Analytics (2)

Hack #1: I can’t believe there’s data in that!

First Place Prize:
Each team member receives an Apple Watch, Gold Aluminum Case with Concrete Sport Band,

Honorable Mention:
Each team member receives a Sphero SPRK+

Alteryx - Most impactful use of Analytics for Good - $1000 to team selected charity

Hack #2: With Great Analytics Comes Great Responsibility

Fannie Mae API Prize - A trip to DC to meet with the Fannie Mae Tech Team

REO Property Assessment and Management Service: Create a suite of apps and services to help companies assess and monitor the condition of properties (in this case, single family homes), and to schedule maintenance work on those properties. The apps should provide functionality for field service agents and for back-office analysts and administrators.

Vitech API Prize - $500 Gift Card (split) (2)

Insurance Cross-Sell

Description: Insurance company Acme has 1mm Dental policies and they want to target these policy holders to sell Accident insurance. For this purpose, they hold a marketing campaign that lasts from January 1, 2016 through October 31, 2016. During this period, Acme added another 300k people at various times to the campaign. The campaign involved performing marketing activities such as emails, letters, sales events, calls, etc. During the period of the campaign some individuals (50k) purchased an accident policy. While most of those individuals (44k) were in the target audience but not all of them (6k were NOT) in the target audience.

Challenge: Create data visualizations to help Acme better understand the data, their campaign and the activities over time.

Nasdaq API Prize - Talk with CIO in NYC at MarketSite


Two Sigma Beaker Notebook Prize - $100 Amex gift card for the whole team

Best use of Beaker API

Datto Best Use of Encryption - $300 Gift Card

Maxim Integrated Hardware Prize - $1000 (3)

Must be using Maxim hardware to qualify. $1000 to top 3 teams.

1&1 Cloud API Prize - Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Tablet for every Team Member

Do Something Cool with Cloud Server API

Medidata API Prize - Fitbit Charge 2 per team member

Best Use of Medidata's Mobile Health App

Pitney Bowes API Prize - Echo Dot & Phillips Hue bulb per team member and lunch with CIO (2)

Best Use of Pitney Bowes API

Intuit - Google Home (2)

Solve a challenge we're facing:
Help college students with money management
(Mint customers)

Help small businesses in some aspect of their work
(Quickbooks customers)

FINRA Prize - $1000

Demonstrate a strong and conscious effort to shield the investor with knowledge that would protect their wallets and their belief in the integrity of the market. FINRA's mission is to protect investors in the stock market. Any vehicle to effectively accomplish that mission is welcome, with creativity being a driving factor. The challenge is to create something that can be used to educate brokers, dealers, seasoned or fresh investors that is engaging as well as informative.

A+E Challenge - $100 gift card per team member & A+E Swag

Media--and the way we consume it--has changed drastically since the Golden Age of Television. How do you envision the way you will discover, collect and watch media in 2020? Your challenge is to create a glimpse of the future of media delivery and presentation.

iRobot Challenge - Roomba for the team

See their document for more information.


iRobot will be judging your hacks remotely!

1&1 Secondary Prize -$200

Namecheap - Best Domain Name

$150 in namecheap credits

Rough Draft Ventures - up to $25k in funding

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


YHack Team

YHack Team

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How original is your hack? Is this a novel idea or something that's built at every hackathon?
  • Technical Difficulty
    How technically challenging is it? Which technologies did you use?
  • Polish
    What impression do you get from the hack? Does it provide for a smooth user experience?
  • Practical and Useful
    How applicable is your hack to problems we're facing today?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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